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Student blogging about the election

A student of mine, Richard Carpenter, has some interesting graphs and discussion of voting participation in the US compared to population on his blog. At various times in this election both candidates discussed the notion that they are brining new people to the voting booths, though I think we need to wait and see before declaring this some type of Read More

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UND Nickname Vote Share Calculator

Let’s get this out of the way at the start: the information contained here is not a predictive model of the outcome of the election and it is nothing official from UND. It is me on my own time putting this together because of some of the questions from JT on the radio show. As far as the predictive aspects, Read More

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Baseball and the Hall of Fame

This issue seems to have died as far as national media coverage which is unfortunate because it really needs more attention. Unfortunately it seems even a faux scandal is not enough to make necessary changes.