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Dentists in the US, 2013

I am just having more fun playing with data right now. All the discussion centered on healthcare and health insurance typically focus on medical doctors. One of the areas missing, perhaps overlooked would be a better term, is dentists. The CDC gives us data on the number of dentists per 100,000 people, that is, a standardized measure of dentists.

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Fewer Shades of Grey in ND

JT tends to ask me the following question: “What worries me about the outlook for ND?” Over the last few years I answered that there was not much. That was then, this is now. North Dakota hit its first oil price catastrophe for this round of the oil boom and we are watching to see the consequences. One of the Read More

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Median Income Comparison

You can tell it is an election year. There are all kinds of polls being done (my household answered more than a few) about all types of issues. I heard some discussion (and if I can remember where I will post any available link) about how is North Dakota doing, as in an attitudinal survey. My guess is that people Read More