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Agriculture v. Mining in ND, Round Two

The subtitle of this post could be bludgeoning the reader with numbers, but oh well. As I mentioned in last week’s post (available here) there was a scheduled¬†update to the detailed data on state-level real GDP this week. With any update like this there are many different dimensions to consider. The first aspect to consider is the release of new Read More

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Agriculture v. Mining, North Dakota Edition

I imagine the different sectors of economic activity in any state argue about their relative importance. Lately the contest in North Dakota has been about the relative importance of agriculture and mining. My personal opinion is that if the data support an actual argument of this point than you are fortunate enough. These debates rage though and so I tend Read More

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Comparing North Dakota and the U.S.

One of the more common questions I get, from students, people at the store, on the radio, is: how would the U.S. economy would perform if it was more like North Dakota? It is a natural question given the strong performance in North Dakota and the weaker performance in the U.S. At some level this makes the comparison of growth Read More