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Grand Forks Housing Prices

A few people I know asked me about housing in the Grand Forks area this last week. I haven’t talked about it lately so I thought it would be good to put up a chart.

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ND Housing, Because I am sure JT Will Bring It Up

Well the grading for Spring is done and Summer term started. So I will (hopefully) have more time to post. And what better place to start than with housing! Why? Mostly because I do not like to talk about it, but it seems that everyone wants to call into the Jarrod Thomas Show and talk about it. So let’s think Read More

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Home Prices: Who wins?

So I am jumping ahead a bit. There is much more to discuss as far as the implications of home price increases. I just read a fantastic article that correlates home price changes with changes in local fertility rates and so will look at Grand Forks in those terms too. However, the question was asked, by a friend of this Read More