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Reaffirming the Impotence of the Fiscal Policy Process

In an epic display of the more things change, the more they stay the same Paul Ryan is unhappy with the process of fiscal policy under his own leadership. I will wait to comment on the legislation more fully when the votes are in (what the end passing coalition looks like may be the most interesting part of this). With Read More

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Why we should expect a shutdown

I think we should expect a government shutdown. When you read the stances of the different leaders, and believe me I use the term loosely, it seems unlikely there will be any common ground found soon. One case is particular I will bring up is Harry Reid. As I look at the situation he faces I see little reason for Read More

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The Song Remains the Same

The coming debt ceiling debate should frustrate us all. Here is the picture I created the last time we dealt with an oncoming debt ceiling issue. It tells the story as well as any projections I could make right now.