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Cubs Ticket Prices Go Up After Game Starts?

Bloomberg has a nice little piece about Cubs ticket prices going up after the game starts. This obviously goes a little bit against conventional wisdom as they demonstrate in the article. Well worth a read and of course, if conventional wisdom was going to break down, we know it would be the Cubs that make it so.

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Baseball talk from radio today

I was on the radio with Jarrod Thomas again today and the early topic was baseball. One of the aspects we discussed was when Manager Dave Roberts should pitch Clayton Kershaw. There was speculation Kershaw could be moved up to pitch tonight in game 5, and the betting lines fluctuated based on what people thought would happen.

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Baseball and Gambling

I enjoy baseball and the statistical aspects of the game. In the past I played fantasy baseball, football, and basketball with friends and family. We played for bragging rights mostly. I never played one of these daily fantasy leagues or the money games currently out there. It seems like gambling to me, and I am not a big gambler. So I Read More