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Monetary policy and the markets

In the last month, I have fielded many questions regarding Federal Reserve monetary policy and financial markets. Not a surprise since so much happened in that sphere. The Fed announced a change in policy. No wait, they didn’t. In fact,all they said at some point in the future we may see the U.S. economy strong enough that massive monetary stimulus Read More

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Pension math represents a ticking bomb

For anybody paying even a modicum of attention pension math has been a source of significant debate in the last decade. There are many aspects of pension math worthy of discussion and this recent New York Times article points out many of these issues in light of the Detroit bankruptcy filing and the public sector employee pensions. To put it bluntly, Read More

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Welcome to the new look

Well it seemed time to get a bit more serious than the free WordPress blog would allow, so now you can find the posts here at I will get more aspects of the page up and running as the next few days go by.