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Net Migration in North Dakota

I am teaching demographic methods, population analysis, whatever you want to call it this summer. The class title is not the really important thing to me, it is more a matter of content. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for accurate titles, but neither title is deceptive and most people have no idea what it is anyway regardless of Read More

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North Dakota & International Trade

Try as we might, JT and I did not get to a discussion of North Dakota and international trade these last few weeks. It will likely surprise nobody that an economist is generally in favor of free trade. However, it would be silly not to recognize circumstances and situations when there will be downsides and domestic losers from international trade. Read More

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North Dakota News Roundup – April 24, 2017

I am going to be adding this in from time to time. Essentially I mean for it to be a look at North Dakota news from non-North Dakota media sources. Sometimes this is not truly outside your area, for example AP newswires will pick up local stories and take them elsewhere. However, if they are picked up by a non-North Read More