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Labor Force Participation

It seems that JT and I predicted the future when we discussed the labor force participation rate last week. This was an important part of the early discussion in the President’s budget released this week. A key part of the budget discussed recent trends in the labor force participation rate for men in “prime” ages. There is nothing necessarily inaccurate in Read More

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North Dakota & International Trade

Try as we might, JT and I did not get to a discussion of North Dakota and international trade these last few weeks. It will likely surprise nobody that an economist is generally in favor of free trade. However, it would be silly not to recognize circumstances and situations when there will be downsides and domestic losers from international trade. Read More

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FocusEconomics Blog: 23 economic experts weigh in: Why is productivity growth so low?

I am one of the experts for Focus Economics talked with about this issue. You can find my comment, and those of the other experts, after the article post.