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North Dakota News Roundup – April 24, 2017

I am going to be adding this in from time to time. Essentially I mean for it to be a look at North Dakota news from non-North Dakota media sources. Sometimes this is not truly outside your area, for example AP newswires will pick up local stories and take them elsewhere. However, if they are picked up by a non-North Read More

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Employment in Williston, ND

My posting has been light, well nonexistent, as I am switching to a different web host. That should be finished soon and posting will continue. However, I looked at some labor market data for North Dakota cities and had to put together a quick post.

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Newsflash:Economic Policy is Hard

I am paraphrasing our President in the title obviously. At the point of making too much of a political observation, the President’s comments about insurance could be expanded into many other areas so I cut to the chase and suggest the larger lesson learned should be economic policy in general is not easy.