• North Dakota Labor Force: Oil Bust? Edition

    by  • 2015/08/26 • 0 Comments

    The recent drops and volatility in commodities markets, particularly oil, are well-known. One of the big ongoing questions for the state of North Dakota is the impact on the state economy of these new developments in oil. We have seen that oil and gas output is not necessarily suffering with the price decreases or volatility....

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    Explaining ND Oil

    by  • 2015/08/20 • 1 Comment

    Recently I visited New York City and had occasion to talk with some people about the situation with oil in North Dakota. The question on their mind has to do with the continued high level of oil production despite the decreased price. Rather than total amount of oil produced, or barrels per day, let’s...

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    Today’s Radio Topic: Gas Prices

    by  • 2015/07/30 • 1 Comment

    So JT mentioned he would like to talk about gas prices, specifically them falling to around or under $2/gallon at some point this year. I assume it refers to something like this story. Consumer response to gas prices have been interesting. The traditional connection between oil prices and gas prices is one that most...

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    Share of General Expenditure, US and ND

    by  • 2015/07/30 • 0 Comments

    Lately my thoughts turn to public finances in North Dakota. In particular I am thinking about the status of public pensions in North Dakota, both on their own terms and compared to other places. One of the things you need to consider when discussing an issue like pensions is the general financial context of...

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    North Dakota Age Breakdown

    by  • 2015/07/23 • 0 Comments

    For those interested in a little more detail here is a nice little graph for you: This is the breakdown of North Dakota population from 2010 to 2014 (the mid-year estimates) into the standard five-year age categories. So what do you want to look at? In this case you want to look at the...

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    North Dakota Median Age

    by  • 2015/07/23 • 0 Comments

    Just a brief post while I gather more data for analysis. North Dakota is getting younger. Since 2010 the median age of a North Dakotan declined by 2 full years. This is a major age decline, and for a population that not too long ago was graying faster than the nation as a whole....

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    Population in North Dakota: Percentage Hispanic

    by  • 2015/07/09 • 0 Comments

    A little data update regarding the North Dakota population. More of these will follow for sure. Looking at the American Community Survey over the last few years the percentage of the North Dakota population with hispanic origin is on the rise, and according to the last update for July of 2014 it is now...

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    What if oil did not happen in ND?

    by  • 2015/07/08 • 0 Comments

    Numerous stories and sources document the growth of the North Dakota economy over the last decade. The North Dakota economy grew by leaps and bounds over this time, and economic development started in many industries and in many counties. Recently, somebody asked me about the contribution of oil over the last several years. This...

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    Incentive Alignment: Pete Rose and Public Policy

    by  • 2015/06/24 • 0 Comments

    There are few things I care about less than the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame now. On a personal level I am bitter about the way the voters treated Ron Santo. Also, I am just flabbergasted at the treatment of the steroid-era players. The voters are embarrassed, pure and simple. It is a...

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    Agriculture v. Mining in ND, Round Two

    by  • 2015/06/10 • 0 Comments

    The subtitle of this post could be bludgeoning the reader with numbers, but oh well. As I mentioned in last week’s post (available here) there was a scheduled update to the detailed data on state-level real GDP this week. With any update like this there are many different dimensions to consider. The first aspect to...

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    Whatever Happened to Coal?

    by  • 2015/06/06 • 2 Comments

    In the last several years the majority of attention regarding energy production in North Dakota focused on oil and gas. The increased contribution of energy (oil and gas in particular) to GDP growth was significant as I showed before. The other day I watched a train with at least fifty cars full of coal go...

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    Agriculture v. Mining, North Dakota Edition

    by  • 2015/06/05 • 1 Comment

    I imagine the different sectors of economic activity in any state argue about their relative importance. Lately the contest in North Dakota has been about the relative importance of agriculture and mining. My personal opinion is that if the data support an actual argument of this point than you are fortunate enough. These debates...

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