• Papa was a Rolling Stone…

    by  • 2014/07/24 • 3 Comments

    The subtitle for this post could be why we need to resist the “temptation” to meddle with housing markets in North Dakota. There are times and places for interventions, but you need clear standards for action, clear goals, and clear exit strategies. There has been a suggestion that we should adopt a rent control policy...

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    North Dakota: Migration in & Migration out

    by  • 2014/07/24 • 0 Comments

    North Dakota’s economic performance and success is not news anymore. Well, alright, its news, but most people know about it. I have given interviews to media outlets around the country and the world about it, as have many others. So it is not a secret. So if there was an economic motive to migration,...

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    Housing: Here, There & Everywhere

    by  • 2014/07/10 • 0 Comments

    Housing issues of all sorts are a hot topic nationally, not just in Grand Forks or North Dakota. I thought we could look at price levels for three different geographic regions. The first is the Grand Forks metro area since that is one of the topics most frequently mentioned in my appearances on the...

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    Inflated Worries

    by  • 2014/06/29 • 0 Comments

    Being a frequent contributor to the Jarrod Thomas Show (1310 KNOX AM, Grand Forks) over the last several years I received many questions about inflation. The massive monetary stimulus injected by the Fed in response to the Great Recession “must” be inflationary. Many callers believed there was no way to avoid a massive inflation...

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    Labor Trends in Grand Forks MSA

    by  • 2014/06/25 • 2 Comments

    The growth occurring in North Dakota as a whole, and in most of the sub regions within the states, is quite impressive as media stories no doubt impart. Being a dismal scientist I pointed out many times here and on the Jarrod Thomas Show (1310 KNOX AM, shameless plug I know) that the growth...

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    Economic Diversification in North Dakota and the United States

    by  • 2014/06/19 • 0 Comments

    In a post last week I compared the allocation of economic activity in North Dakota with the United States. North Dakota has a larger share of activity in agriculture and extractive industries, but less in industries like information. There are many factors that influence the share of economic activity including resource endowments, transportation networks,...

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    Grand Forks Rent v. Own

    by  • 2014/06/13 • 0 Comments

    There was a question from my radio appearance today about the number of renters compared with the number of owners in Grand Forks. At least, I think it was Grand Forks that the emailer asked about. If it was a different geography and they look at this post they can tell me it was something...

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    Comparing North Dakota and the U.S.

    by  • 2014/06/12 • 0 Comments

    One of the more common questions I get, from students, people at the store, on the radio, is: how would the U.S. economy would perform if it was more like North Dakota? It is a natural question given the strong performance in North Dakota and the weaker performance in the U.S. At some level...

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    Another lesson in the limits of economic management

    by  • 2014/06/06 • 2 Comments

    I was startled by some of the information in this article. The most startling thing I learned today might be that Japan is only 39 percent self-sufficient as far as calories. I knew Japan relied on significant imports of fuels given their natural resource limitations. But food? This is a developed country, one that...

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    China Bank Regulator Planning to Expand Credit

    by  • 2014/06/06 • 0 Comments

    Even planned economies can encounter trouble with lending and defaults. Such has been the case with China over the last year or so. A regulatory crackdown on connected lending and less than above board tactics has been ongoing as well. Now there is the promise that credit availability will expand, but in accordance with regulatory...

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    The Beige Book for May

    by  • 2014/06/05 • 0 Comments

    For those that do not know, this is the name of the Fed’s regional condition summary (available here). The Ninth District summary (which includes North Dakota) concludes that economic performance is mixed. Strength came from manufacturing, energy and mining, consumers, and a few others. The weaker sectors included construction, farming and real estate. Now...

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